According to the habits of blackfish, reasonable choice of road subquest

Let’s talk about the fishing level of the road of wild black fish. Black fish is a favorite of Lu Asian enthusiasts. It is one of the main objects of Lu Asian enthusiasts. Why do Lu Asia enthusiastically treat it as a main fish object fish? It is derived from the habit of black fish.

According to the habits of blackfish, reasonable choice of road subquest

Black fish is a pure meat fish, mainly by visual and auditory predation, and the high temperature of the glare during the day is the most active time. The black fish is mainly with fish shrimp in the water, which preded is the object in the water in the water, and the object that is static in the water is not interested in the small fish, as long as it is the body of the water, even if it is Insects, frogs, frogs, and 蛤蟆 are the main object of their feeding. The big blackfish can also take advantage of various insects that fall into the plants such as dragonfly, dragonfly, grasshopper, etc. The black fish also has a territory consciousness. It is very interested in the small sound belonging to its territory. It will follow the direction of the sound, so even if the sound of the sound of the road, the black fish appeared, but instead of the throwing, the sound will attract water in the water. The arrival of black fish. Since the bait is slowly paired after the throttle, it is a predation goal of black fish in various water, the small fish, the insect frog, etc.

Due to black fish, it is mainly predated by visual and sound, so black fish likes to live in clear water in still water or micro-water (such as lake, reservoir, pond, ditch, etc.), turbid water black fish is generally of. Therefore, the fishing fish is to find some clear water in the water or micro-water. However, there is black fish to fish in any position in this waters. Because black fish is high-temperature, low oxygen, daily, the early autumn, water and shrimp rich, and the sun is often its most important place, fishing black fish Choose here, where there is a high water plant and underwater, there is a dark grass, which is the first choice for blackfish to choose the home, and the actual situation can be viewed before the fishing position is fished. In these water and grass waters, there will often be water-proof flowers, and you can also see that there is a case where the shore is smoking into the water grass, these are black fish sports. Some big blackfish live in these places, which will form one or more of the stringed predatis sewages in the relatively thick water grass, which is the basis for our fishing bits.

In addition, you can also use your hands and hooks. If the little butter fish is frequent, then this waters have not much black fish; if the little butter fish is not a lot, even the hook is a two Two or more squid, very small butter fish, then, the waters you fish must have black fish, and there is still a certain amount.

The fishing fish is best to fish in the water and fish, the fishing is not advisable, even less caught. Fishing is the surface layer of fishing, that is, a few centimeters under the water, more than 20 centimeters, can not be angry, because fishing dark fish is not easy to quickly find food.

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