Road sub-wild dog fish skill analysis

Of course, let’s talk about Wild Shuiyu Asia, first come first to attack the dog fish attack method and process. The dog fish bite first is a sprint to the horses, the next time, it can be obvious to felt the weight of the fish line twice, and the hook has been pierced, and then fiercely makes the fish hook. Piercing their mouths, dog fish will swim, unload lines, collect lines, and struggle with the dog fish because of pain. The unloading power of the fishing wheel is suitable, struggling violently, almost shaking around, the dog fish floats the water, seeing people will struggle again. Pay attention to the loop, don’t let the fish head expose the water, because the dog fish can cause the water to make a shortening, you must hit it in the water, referred to as a dog, this is a copy of the net to the net . You can put it directly in the upper controller to pick up your mouth. If you take the fish, you should use the fish + Luipian pliers, because the dog fish will struggle, struggle, the fish hook is hanging into the meat is the most Terrible, already have a precedent, so the correct order is to use the control of the fish to pick the dog fish, take the pliers, do not let it pick, remember.

Entering the summer, the temperature soared once every day, the activity of dogfish gradually decreased, and the weather was not open to all fish. As the water temperature is getting higher and higher, the white spotted dog fish is in the most beautiful place, so it is necessary to find a place. Under the cool water, under the cool, deep water (DT10), and use the deep sea (cdmag11) to make a point or use the compound sequins to the bottom, which can never lure the dog fish, the premise is the dog fish Fried water in the water side, but it is not open, and it is recommended to use the internally bezed with Minino dog fish. For example, my favorite sea travel 12cm has a bead, VMC hook is also very strong The fish will not run fish on the basics.

Dog fish is fierce and very smart, the bigger the dog fish, the puppy will see the bait directly attack, and the dog fish will follow the bait. We have encountered many dog \u200b\u200bfish. The bait does not bite, tease a few bricks, then the bait will continue to be a bit bite, because the dog fish territory is very strong, you can see it, but you can’t walk, you can’t remember the position. The next time you are still in this position. Dog fish will not attack the bait because of full of food, many times the small fish is equivalent to his body 1/3 length. The fierce nature makes it passing through its bait, the most exciting thing is that many dogfish are bait to the boat, and the dog fish is out of the water. No matter whether it is visual or feeling. People shocked.

Dog fish is one of a very arrogant fish species. Once many times, I saw the dog fish in the water in the water in less than 2 meters. The ship didn’t escape from above. Instead, the dog fish is in the position of the dog fish in the water, hit it on the head. Will not be scared, but seeing the moving shadow disappears; there are many way to go to the dog fish, the dog fish cut off, then continue to be thrown in the same place, but also caught the fish running beforewards. The mouth will continue to attack the prey on the mouth, which is the more and more brave. The black fish needs quiet, but the road dog fish needs to be lively, the more shining, the lift, the more you can stimulate the dog fish.

Because of the territory of dogfish, it is basically certain in a place to catch the dog fish. You will always come on the same place next time. Dog fish that will be in time. For the territory fight is a common thing, the manager can pass the hurtful dog fish, regardless of size, always new or old scars. Basically, the fish is fixed, the fish is placed, and the second time will not be the air force, so tips are remembering the fish point, and will continue the fish next time.

Luren dog fish is very cool, and everyone who passes will have their own experience. Lu Asian technology is also accumulating in every fish and every runfish. In the throwing of thousands of times, enjoy only a few times during the picking process, the explosion is fun. Constantly learning, constantly absorbing, is the truly needed every road.

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